Below is a list of County and State Resources   

The Anacostia Watershed Society aims to make the River fishable and swimmable. They do river clean ups, environmental education, recreational events, community support and more.

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The Chesapeake Bay Trust is a non-profit grant-funding organization that has promoted practices to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. It has partnered with Prince George's county to provide resources, education, and awareness of stormwater management, and has even provided funds to help create the town's rain garden.

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Prince George's County is offering curbside recycling collection for county residents and citizens. All recyclables can be placed in one bin, and collection takes place from 6am to 8pom. The County is offering to issue one recycling and one trash wheeled cart. Call 311 for more information. 

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Want to learn more about what is and isn't recyclable? Just click on the links below to find out!

This link provides a visual of what is/isn't recyclable (Click here)

This link provides a list of what is/isn't recyclable (Click here)


This webpage has many residential resources regarding sustainable energy. There are a variety of energy rebates and other programs one can apply to, and incentives are offered for the completion of the programs. There are also resources for businesses and electric vehicles.

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Prince George's County has partnered with Exelon/Pepco Holdings in order to create sustainable energy programs that will help benefit the county, as well as help residents and businesses receive millions of dollars in benefits. It promotes the usage of renewable energy, and even provides rebates for solar panels.

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Anacostia Watershed Society
Chesapeake Bay Trust
Prince George's County Recycling Program

This Raincheck Rebate Program was created by a partnership between the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Prince George's County. It encourages homeowners, business owners etc. to implement stormwater management pratices to improve stormwater quality and overall water quality in streams and rivers, and offers incentives for doing so.

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Prince George's County: What Can/Can't be Recycled
Prince George's County: Sustainable Energy Resources
Prince George's County: Sustainable Energy Programs

This is Prince George's County's overall sustainability website. The Sustainable Division is responsible for program planning and implementation. You can also find many resources about the county's sustainability practices, goals, upcoming projects, as well as ways you can get involved. 

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Prince George's County: Sustainability Division
Prince George's County: Raincheck Rebate Program
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Planting native plants provides numerous benefits to the environment and the community. They are not only beautiful  but are adapted to live in the area which makes them hardier and easier to grow. They also provide food and shelter for pollinators and other wildlife, and significantly help reduce water runoff.

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Sustainable Maryland is a certification program for municipalities in Maryland that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. Sustainable Maryland also provides trainings and events.

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The Washington Sewer and Sanitation Commission provides safe and reliable drinking water to Prince George's County and Montgomery County while also returning clean water to the environment. It is one of the largest wastewater and water facilities in the nation. They  also host education outreach programs, host various events, and stewardship projects.

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The Washington Sewer and Sanitation Commission annually releases an overall water quality report that provides information and data. 

See the 2018 Report Here

Native Plants
Sustainable Maryland
Washington Sewer and Sanitation Commission
WSSC: Water Quality Report